Automatization of business processes

BI systems enable the inspection and connection of all the different segments of business in real time, from finances and sales to production and services.


Control your financial performance

Finances have always been the common denominator of all processes and data regarding the operation of a business. By visualization of financial data, the system enables a quick insight into the financial condition of the business from the ledger to the invoices received, price differences and applying VAT.


See the potential of your personnel

Your personnel are the key factor to success, so it makes sense to establish various metrics which help leaders with staff management. With solutions for business reporting to HR and leaders, offer to your employees attractive graphic representations, for example for targeted business management and for monitoring work performance, employee satisfaction and the profitability of investment in training and education.



By visualizing production data you can discover the performance of your principal activity in all its phases, from monitoring costs on work orders and work performance to analyzing production stoppages and determining the efficiency of machines and devices. BI offers a comprehensive review and analysis of production operation for detecting good patterns in production, for a rapid reaction in the event of anomalies, and for keeping the price differences as optimal as possible.


Business analytics

By analyzing key indicators of company operation and with intuitive graphic representations, discover anomalies at the right time, recognize trends and predict the future. All this is key for achieving the goals in your business plan. Modern solutions for business reporting and analytics warn decision-makers on different levels in advance of states that can lead to deterioration in operating results. At the same time, these solutions enable a better understanding of the operation of the company, as well as determination of hidden factors that affect performance.

S pomočjo Power BI postanemo agilnejši pri odločanju. Za lažjo konkurenkčno uspešnost pomaga vizualizacija podatkov s pomočjo Power BI. Nadgradite vaš občutek s podatki s pomočjo Power BI. Power BI hitra implementacija sistema.
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Why BI

If a company wants to implement improvements, grow and develop in accordance with the trends of globalization, it must by all means consider using BI solutions. This is not just a solution that visualizes data. It is a proper magic wand which helps decision-making by enabling leaders to understand the company’s operations and performance better. With the right implementation, BI creates a high added value from hitherto unexploited data and contributes to the excitement of the leaders and co-workers on the operational level.


Sucess Stories

AMZS d.d.
Andrej Cergolj, Head of commercial department and assistance

“The CRM solution enables us a unified management of sales opportunities and effective management of the sales funnel. We keep building the system by implementing other business fields.”

Elastomeri d.o.o.
Maja Podergajs, Administrator

“The Microsoft CRM solution enables us efficient and transparent work with our customers. I highly recommend it.”

IC Elektronika d.o.o.
Barbara Moškon, Assistant director

“With the help of Business Solutions and the Magento online store, we gained an effective tool for sales opportunities in our enterprise. The integration with the Dynamics NAV business information system works flawlessly.”

CVS Mobile d.d.
Valter Grilanc, CFO and Head of Power BI project

“With Microsoft Power BI we gained a simple, quick, and complete overview of the dynamics inside the existing work processes. The business data, which didn’t use to be processed, became valuable information for monitoring work and business decisions with Power BI.”

Pronega d.o.o.
Tomaž Leban, Director

“The use of Power BI enables us a quick and effective sales, deliveries, supplies overview, etc. By implementing it, we gained an overview of the entire business, and at the same time, Power BI grants us simple contact with buyers and suppliers.”