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Water, gas, and electricity distribution

Water, gas, and electricity have been the key resources of the modern world for a long time. This has to be taken into account in the information system that is used in these sectors. AllForUtility offers support for contract preparation for power connection construction or access and delivery, for network construction and maintenance, and for meter reading and management. Due to the nature of work, which is dictated by the tempo in which companies do business, the system covers high mass invoicing, special bills processing, and, not least, different instalment payment plans.



At Business Solutions, we took into account all the best practices from the energetics industry when preparing our AllForUtility product. By doing so, we have prepared a system that covers complete heating plant, gas storage station, and district heating management. At the same time, we have enabled the support of an optimal heat production and distribution process.


Waste disposal

This part offers support for users on consumption and container sites and for containers themselves. It enables perfect and adaptable disposal planning, with which we achieve the optimization of logistical routes and, as a consequence, we make employees’ work easier. Additionally, we also save money by not having any irrational transport time loss. To conclude, we can also fully automatize reporting and accounting.


Maintenance of public spaces

The system enables complete maintenance of public spaces. Here are just a couple of examples: bin emptying, grass mowing, road sweeping and maintenance. Of course, the AllForUtility system additionally supports everything with optimal employee, vehicle and tool planning.



AllForUtility enables offer and statement creation for each construction situation regardless of how complex the project is. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive support with carrying out employee, vehicle, construction machinery and tool planning.


Funeral services

Funeral services are one of the services that most public utilities perform. Therefore, functions like subsidy support save a lot of manual work bureaucracy work when creating records and claims. In addition to obituaries, grave contracts and grave rent accounting, the system makes the accounting process fully automatized.


Florist services

Florist solutions cover the entire florist service business from retail, which supports assembled products (e. g. bouquet arranging), complete cash register business support from different payment methods to barcode management optimization.


Building management

The management of maintenance plans and required work by individual buildings or groups of buildings is just one function of AllForUtility. Apart from the connection with accounting work, the system also links data about building management, including accounts and cost sharing.


Upgrade of standard financial work

Microsoft Dynamics Navision, which has recently been renamed as Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, allows much more than just standard financial work. Having gathered user needs and after our intervention in the product, the system covers all the requirements of the Utility branch.

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Sucess Stories

AMZS d.d.
Andrej Cergolj, Head of commercial department and assistance

“The CRM solution enables us a unified management of sales opportunities and effective management of the sales funnel. We keep building the system by implementing other business fields.”

Elastomeri d.o.o.
Maja Podergajs, Administrator

“The Microsoft CRM solution enables us efficient and transparent work with our customers. I highly recommend it.”

IC Elektronika d.o.o.
Barbara Moškon, Assistant director

“With the help of Business Solutions and the Magento online store, we gained an effective tool for sales opportunities in our enterprise. The integration with the Dynamics NAV business information system works flawlessly.”

CVS Mobile d.d.
Valter Grilanc, CFO and Head of Power BI project

“With Microsoft Power BI we gained a simple, quick, and complete overview of the dynamics inside the existing work processes. The business data, which didn’t use to be processed, became valuable information for monitoring work and business decisions with Power BI.”

Pronega d.o.o.
Tomaž Leban, Director

“The use of Power BI enables us a quick and effective sales, deliveries, supplies overview, etc. By implementing it, we gained an overview of the entire business, and at the same time, Power BI grants us simple contact with buyers and suppliers.”