One solution for your business


A truly complete solution for your business

You get everything you need for successful business in your field in one place. Monitor sales, purchasing, finances, materials management, production, services, staff, projects, and marketing. Control your customers and suppliers, and perform internal processes in an optimal manner. This way, you become and indispensable part of the value chain.


Not just a business information system

Further increase the productivity of core business processes with the integration of business applications with the Office 365 (Outlook, Excel, Teams, etc.) applications for personal productivity and collaboration. By using CRM capabilities in Dynamics 365, establish levers for customer relationship management and for building partnerships which will upgrade your performance.


Connected processes – faster business and fewer errors

A perfect array of integrated capabilities guarantees smooth operation of business processes, with no interruptions and entering data multiple times. All data is entered just once, and information from various parts of the system are instantly available to everyone. Automatisms lower the extent of routine administrative tasks, so you can focus more on activities where you create actual value.


Agile working environment

Plan and follow realization from supply chain to production and carrying out field services. Discover anomalies in time and, to the customers, ensure delivery in accordance with the agreed price and expected quality. With the use of different mobile devices and with the possibility of carrying out tasks anywhere and at any time, you increase the productivity of your employees.


Always moving with the changes

In spite of constant changes in your organizations and in its processes, react timely to the activity in your business environment. By connecting with applications like Power BI, PowerApps and Flow, form flexible and adaptable working procedures that are in-sync with the processes and the business model of your organization.

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Why Business Central

If you want to make the first step forward and if you are a small or medium enterprise, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the right solution for you. The product covers all primary operating functions in a company from finances and HR to warehouse management and procurement logistics.

Sucess Stories

AMZS d.d.
Andrej Cergolj, Head of commercial department and assistance

“The CRM solution enables us a unified management of sales opportunities and effective management of the sales funnel. We keep building the system by implementing other business fields.”

Elastomeri d.o.o.
Maja Podergajs, Administrator

“The Microsoft CRM solution enables us efficient and transparent work with our customers. I highly recommend it.”

IC Elektronika d.o.o.
Barbara Moškon, Assistant director

“With the help of Business Solutions and the Magento online store, we gained an effective tool for sales opportunities in our enterprise. The integration with the Dynamics NAV business information system works flawlessly.”

CVS Mobile d.d.
Valter Grilanc, CFO and Head of Power BI project

“With Microsoft Power BI we gained a simple, quick, and complete overview of the dynamics inside the existing work processes. The business data, which didn’t use to be processed, became valuable information for monitoring work and business decisions with Power BI.”

Pronega d.o.o.
Tomaž Leban, Director

“The use of Power BI enables us a quick and effective sales, deliveries, supplies overview, etc. By implementing it, we gained an overview of the entire business, and at the same time, Power BI grants us simple contact with buyers and suppliers.”