Fast, easy and flexible business planning


Budget forecasting and budgeting for the entire organization.

Kepion is a modern software with the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform in the background of operations. Kepion combines the capabilities of budget planning, budgeting, amending budget, budget forecasting with analytics, indicators, and dashboards for the optimization of collaboration and communication inside the enterprise.


Connecting planning and insight processes into a uniform platform.

This simple platform unites key information gathered from various data sources, i. e. databases into a uniform view. With the vision of your enterprise channel, timely and informed decision-making becomes the new norm. Hesitate about data accuracy and reliability no more.


Flexible modelling options without coding and scripts.

Kepion offers a truly adaptable platform that allows users to create simplified models of budget planning and budgeting with no need for programming. Additionally, it allows a quick and simple changing of business logic and principles for the best possible business management.


Optimized business calculations for real-time results.

Enterprises can build and maintain internal directions with real-time calculations for ongoing, overdue, and planned projects. Tracking in verification audits is made available for the users, who can quickly track changes made by the assigned co-worker.


Security system scalability, designed for global standards

With an administration review, the assigned person can quickly modify access to your enterprise’s data for different users or groups with robust security settings options. Data integrity is maintained with overall auditing standards that track all changes made in the system with automatic status updates and e-mail notifications.

Prikaz razvoja orodja Kepion na levi strani in prikaz programa Kepion s strani uporabnika. Podatkovna baza znotraj orodja Kepion, ki omogoca SQL strukturo, OLAP Cube Genewration, in Varnost podatkovnih modelov. Prikaz orodij povezanih s programom Microsoft: Microsoft Power BI, Kepion, SQL Server, Windows Server, Windows Azure. Grafični prikaz petih točk orodja Kepion: BI Analysis, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing Forcasting, Operations?HR Planning, Management Reporting.
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Why Kepion

Zadovoljni uporabniki

AMZS d.d.
Andrej Cergolj, Head of commercial department and assistance

“The CRM solution enables us a unified management of sales opportunities and effective management of the sales funnel. We keep building the system by implementing other business fields.”

Elastomeri d.o.o.
Maja Podergajs, Administrator

“The Microsoft CRM solution enables us efficient and transparent work with our customers. I highly recommend it.”

IC Elektronika d.o.o.
Barbara Moškon, Assistant director

“With the help of Business Solutions and the Magento online store, we gained an effective tool for sales opportunities in our enterprise. The integration with the Dynamics NAV business information system works flawlessly.”

CVS Mobile d.d.
Valter Grilanc, CFO and Head of Power BI project

“With Microsoft Power BI we gained a simple, quick, and complete overview of the dynamics inside the existing work processes. The business data, which didn’t use to be processed, became valuable information for monitoring work and business decisions with Power BI.”

Pronega d.o.o.
Tomaž Leban, Director

“The use of Power BI enables us a quick and effective sales, deliveries, supplies overview, etc. By implementing it, we gained an overview of the entire business, and at the same time, Power BI grants us simple contact with buyers and suppliers.”