“We connect and develop talented, engaged and creative experts.”

All team members contribute towards the growth, development and long-term success of our customers. We increase added value by implementing adapted business solutions that are in majority based on leading Microsoft solutions. At the front of our operation is our ear for the customer, a fact confirmed time and again over the past 20 years by more than 400 unique implementations of business information solutions. 

We offer companies a new level of involvement of employees, customers and suppliers via smart digital services, online stores and web portals. With professional services in the fields of consultancy, development, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software, we offer support for all levels of the business information system in one place – from local information and communication infrastructure to modern business based on artificial intelligence in a cloud. 

“We increase added value”

We increase, implement and maintain modern, complete and flexible information solutions and services with which organizations operate smarter, innovate business processes and improve efficiency. 

By mastering the best business practices, the newest technologies and a project approach, we support all the particularities of your business processes and prepare you for a quick response to market changes, improvements in the organization and new business models. 

“We cover four key fields of the information technology world”

Business solutions 

Are you looking for a modern ERP or CRM system? Do you want to digitalize your products and services? We are the leading provider of business solutions for companies of all sizes and activities. We implement the leading Microsoft Dynamics business solutions that we adapt to the particularities of the customer’s business. We develop own additional solutions for various business areas and industry-specific solutions. 


Web solutions 

Involve your customers in the sales process all the way up to the creation of the product and offer them an excellent buyer experience. Reinforce the cooperation between employees and suppliers for the purposes of customer care. With online stores, web portals, services for group and mobile work, we increase sales, improve personal productivity and optimize business in the value chain. 

System solutions 

An efficient business needs a top-quality information and communication infrastructure. We ensure a complete range of systemic solutions and services from the construction of business communication networks to server and storage systems, and user environments with which you implement a secure, reliable, efficient and highly available support of business processes. 


Cloud solutions 

Do you need agile information solutions that are always in-sync with your actual business requirements? With the most modern business and infrastructure solutions in a cloud, we allow you to support your business growth without any hidden costs. We form a secure environment for your data, and a smooth operation and testing of new innovative digital solutions. 

We realize your goals with the aid of the best systems


Four key components for a complete success


The best business practices

By mastering the best business practices, the newest technologies and with a project approach, we support all the particularities of the customer’s business processes and prepare them for a quick response to market changes, improvements in the organization and new business models.


Leading digital solutions

With more than 80 experts on our staff, we belong among the leading regional implementers of business solutions. We establish agile digital work environments that are based on the cooperation between employees and business partners, on connecting business solutions and cloud services, on the use of data and business analytics, on mobility and the automatization of processes and procedures.


Creative development strength

On the basis of standard technologies, we have developed over 30 own solutions in fields like customer and supplier relationship management, retailing and wholesaling management, warehouse and logistics management, planning and following production, working time management and content management.


Business and technical solutions portfolio

To each customer, we want to offer the best solution from the point of view of user friendliness, the efficiency of business process outsourcing, security, and price. This is why our experts possess over 200 certificates in all fields of information and communication.

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