AllForAdriatics Localization

Localization for Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia

Use software tools that are tailored to your local legislation and language. We have developed a software extension that is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central business information system and boasts recognition as a certified Microsoft solution. Operate within the same database, even if you have businesses in other countries. The functionalities of the AllForAdriatics extension cover the areas of Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia.


Customization at a higher level

Manage data securely and accurately throughout your business. Use functionalities that allow you to review, edit and calculate tax reports accurately.

Get comprehensive support for accounting on several different accounts or groups of accounts. Limit the possibility of errors with digital e-invoices that allow you to automate processes and reduce manual work.

Use more than 100 additional and enhanced reports that allow you to issue notifications according to local laws. Access annual reports, create forms for DDPO, or access financial account statistics.

Get the flexibility and speed of doing business with handheld terminals and more advanced inventory statements. Manage work orders and set component and product locations by the production department.

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