AllForTeam Support

Solve problems quickly and efficiently

The platform enables all support departments to easily and effectively manage communication and resolve customer requests. In one place, you can receive requests, complaints, and technical issues, easily distribute requests among appropriate departments, while also tracking the time and success of resolving requests.


One-stop shop

You can record the time spent on each request, ticket, or complaint. This will give you a clear picture of how long it took to resolve an issue. You can also see the progress and success rate of claims. 

Every claim received is shown as active and waiting to be assigned. With just one click, you can select the person best suited to handle the claim. The assigned person receives a notification of the assigned task and accepts or declines the task. 

By linking to your Outlook email programme, you can save all your communication about a particular request you have made to the support service via the AllForTeam portal. All your email communication is available in the AllForTeam portal where you can view it in real time and retrospectively.  

The AllForTeam Support solution is fully interoperable with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, from which it draws key data. And with the Power Registration & Planning module, you can record the time spent on a project and all the attendance data of your employees in one place. 

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