More than just a website

Websites, composed of a homepage and several subpages, are suitable for companies that want to emphasize a greater amount of information and products and need a comprehensive solution, friendly to both website visitors and administrators who want to independently manage content.


Create an attractive and functional website

Before designing a website or an online store, it is necessary to strategically develop the user experience, which is the foundation of a good website. A website or online store must be user-friendly and transparent, as this is the only way you will gain customers and regular customers. With a more detailed analysis of your company and the industry in which you operate, we will design an online presence strategy together with you. 

We always take care of the satisfaction of our customers and that they achieve the goal they set for themselves. With many years of experience developing custom solutions, we have reached the highest level of website system customization. The Umbraco online platform allows us to do just that, with unlimited flexibility and the development of modern online stores or websites. 

If you want your website to be successful and to generate new, so-called leads – buyers, you must have tools in the backend of your website that allows for more detailed or just basic analytics of web visits, purchases, open sessions, etc. We help you choose the correct settings for your line of work and industry, so you can worry-free extract critical information from your website that will help your business succeed. 

Reduce administrative costs and save time. Implement an ERP system in your online store that allows you to transparently and quickly review stocks, prices, orders, and much more. With an integrated ERP system, you gain greater transparency over data and simpler management and operations of your online store.  

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