Complete solution for energy distributors and suppliers

The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV business information system. It combines ideas and concepts that arise from numerous projects in the field of energy distribution, water management, waste management, building management, parking fees billing, leasing, and other solutions. The solution offers complete integration of all business functions and needs in a unified system that adapts to your business and industry.


Why choose AllForUtility?

With AllForUtility Billing Management you can, for example, clearly and quickly view consumption data based on metre readings (energy, water, parking, and other). The system automatically collects and aggregates subscriber data and then creates it parametrically based on contracts. You also have the option of automatically creating inventory lists and automatically generating a large number of invoices, allowing you to optimise the processes in your business. 

Comprehensive disposal records and statistics, scheduling of vehicles, staff and districts, full waste balance management in the system and support for storage and collection points. All this and more can be managed in a system that always complies with legal requirements. 

Seamless inter-departmental communication, task assignment and a variety of financial and other analytics are available in the energy distribution network builder. In addition to these benefits, you can monitor and review tasks and execution status, and have access to all the history within the solution. 

The AllForUtility web portal and mobile app integrate several useful applications in a smart and functional way, providing a high level of satisfaction when using the different functions. Several useful applications can be integrated into the platform, while all data is brought together in a single and elegant solution. 

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