A platform tailored to your business

AllForAutoClub is a customized platform for auto-moto clubs, road assistance providers, and roadside assistance service providers. It operates as an extension of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Navision business information systems, providing users in the industry with complete coverage of business processes.


A complete solution within one tool

The platform offers everything from invoicing, VAT declaration, asset management, customer ordering, service provider ordering, travel ordering, service management, spare parts management, and inventory management, to advanced features such as analytical insights, reporting, and dashboard customisation. 

The solution allows you to track work orders for each customer or member, with statistics on purchases or services your member has used or has available to them. All member or user data is available in a customised view that meets all security requirements while providing an easy and quick overview. 

A dedicated solution for auto clubs and assistance providers that supports vehicle towing, business vehicle management, membership management, technical inspection support, roadside assistance processing, driving school management, and more. A customised mobile interface allows you to create various work orders and invoices on the spot. This also enables your sales staff to sell spare parts or equipment quickly and efficiently. 

The ability to handle the entire work process in one app reduces maintenance costs, as the work is done in the same software environment. The flexibility of the platform depends entirely on the requirements and wishes of the individual user.  

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