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Empower your employees

Keep your employees motivated, educated in their field, and ready to achieve company goals. Allow employees to express their opinions, evaluations, and improvements that enable the company to grow in terms of personnel and business.


Let your employees grow with your company

Each employee has a profile that contains all the related information, competencies, training, skills, and aspirations they have in terms of training and additional skills offered by their organisation. The platform also makes it very easy to see who is on holiday or sick leave. 

Your staff can sign up for the training you suggest or attend training that will enhance their knowledge in other areas of work. Staff can also suggest training and courses themselves through the interface. You can also see the extent to which each employee has achieved their training objectives and what training they still need to complete, or whether they have successfully answered all the questions in their annual appraisal. 

Streamline your workflows and eliminate complex processes. Set up the onboarding process, annual or bi-annual interviews through a simple interface. Include all responsible parties in the automated process and automatically send notifications through the platform and trigger the workflows required for a specific task or process. 

With analytics and more detailed data displayed visually and interactively, you can identify areas where additional training is needed to close the knowledge gaps in your organisation. Get a complete overview of every employee's performance with a detailed summary of hours recorded for projects and tasks. 

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