Power Registration & Planning

Advanced employee time management and scheduling

Keep track of employee work hours in an innovative and easy way. Use data for analysis and making better project decisions, and provide employees with a clear overview of their working hours, vacations, absences, and much more.


A clear and innovative overview of time

Use the terminal to register arrival and departure from the workplace, but also to record lunch breaks, business trips, and absences for private reasons. Employees register via an NFC reader with an NFC chip. The registration is displayed daily and monthly. 

Thanks to a simple and intuitively designed interface, you can measure the performance of an individual employee or a group of employees quickly and efficiently. Plan and overview occupancy and hours spent on a project or check production and overhead rates. 

Record and schedule employee absences and their replacement. Confirm and track all types of absences, including a notification system to confirm or reject requests. 

Create reports with information on regular work, overtime, holidays, public holidays, lunch breaks, and travel, and enable wage calculations through automatic entries into your ERP system. The app also allows you to make the correct calculations for employees with adjusted working hours or part-time work. 

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