Microsoft SharePoint

Empower teamwork and collaboration

Exchange information, data, and reports faster with SharePoint. A modern intranet that enables creating a website for collaboration among employees and much more. Organize all your projects and tasks in minutes and create a clear file structure.


Organize, build, connect

Store data on a shared cloud system that enables real-time collaboration and sharing of documents, news, and information. Collaborate simply and securely inside and outside your organization via all devices, including mobile.

Drive organizational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications across native websites and portals. Design attractive websites that tell your stories or news within the company.

In the modern world, there is no need for all employees to be in the exact location for collaboration within a company to be productive. SharePoint allows you to connect calendars, organize documents, create tasks, and send real-time notifications by email.

SharePoint is an outstanding tool for finding content within a document system. With more detailed insights, you get data that allows you to make decisions faster and easier or acquire new knowledge. You can further strengthen communication and connections with Yammer.

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Microsoft SharePoint in the company


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