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A web solution that allows customization to your needs and type of business. The AllForWeb tool is based on the Umbraco Content Management System, which is recognized as one of the most versatile interfaces, providing exceptional flexibility and upgrade options when needed.



Choose a custom web solution

Due to the open source platform, you have endless possibilities to design websites that delight users with their fast performance and responsiveness, regardless of being viewed on a computer or mobile device. Design web content with a streamlined interface that enables multilingual content, easy content entry and SEO optimisation. 

Adapt the design of your online store to the overall graphic image of your company. Creating an online store with the Umbraco interface and the AllForWeb solution is a flexible approach that allows a range of extensions and functions for B2B or B2C e-commerce. Integration with ERP – Business Central/Navision gives you a real-time overview of stock, shopping carts, customers or changes in product price. 

Advanced portals make it easier and more efficient for your business partners to communicate with you and manage orders and payments, while allowing you to view and manage important information about sales activity in one place. With the option to integrate with ERP or other external systems, the interface allows you to implement your preferred business logic. 

AllForWeb's flexibility makes it the ideal tool for developing customised solutions. The tool allows integration with many other tools and applications, and offers the possibility to create your own environments such as intranets, extranets, and other solutions. There are many possibilities for customisation and extensions. 

We are a certified Umbraco partner

Because we always strive for the best and long-term solutions, we are a proud certified partner of Umbraco online solutions. This allows us to constantly keep up with trends and innovations in online technologies and solutions that put user experience first. Our team already has more than 15 experts.

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