Optimal planning and reporting

Optimize sales processes with advanced business intelligence tools that allow you to combine sales plans from different departments into a comprehensive sales plan. Shorten the planning process and monitor the performance of business activities in real-time. Provide instant information to controlling and management to guide the company towards the goals set in the business plan.


Get valuable bussiness insights in real-time

Combine and harmonize your planning, reporting, and financial consolidation. Focus your finances on more strategic, value-added activities by automating standardized processes. 

Create a sales plan that accurately forecasts revenue estimates and drives growth, and manage the application of business strategies and operational plans across the company. 

Integrate supply chain planning and analysis while bringing together your operational, sales, and financial planning for a complete enterprise-wide solution. 

A financial reporting program allows you to retrieve data from all departments. With OLAP and Microsoft SQL technologies, you can analyze different databases and compare them between different scenarios in financial reports. The appearance of reports, graphs, and tables can be completely customized to your company. 

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