Advanced sales tools supported by an effective sales strategy

Today, business is moving online, as one in five regularly shops online today. Today, online stores are not just a choice but a necessary condition for a successful business. But this is just the beginning. To build a successful e-commerce business, you also need an effective strategy that will bring the right target audience to your online store, convince them with a good presentation and flawless shopping experience, and attract them back to you with regular nd automated communication.


Advantages of digitalizing sales activities

An online store with an integrated ERP system, email automation, and chatbots for customer communication, a reward system, and sales promotion with the help of online influencers.

Depending on the specifics of the activity, we help you develop and implement an effective sales strategy that will turn the online store into a tireless sales engine that will generate sales 24/7.

Consolidate sales activities, from initial market research, acquiring, and nurturing (prospects) to handling complaints. Manage customer preferences and requirements in one place and ensure you are always up to date.

Monitor the success of sales goals in real time both at the sales epic level and at the level of individual salespeople, and with the help of artificial intelligence, explore the possibilities of optimization and adjustments according to the desired goals.

As many as 69% of consumers say it is essential or imperative to see a new product every time they visit an online store.

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