AllForTeam Portal

Have a complete overview of projects and individual assigned tasks

The tool provides a clear and simple view of projects, tasks, and time spent on a project. The solution is fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central service, which offers process automation in the background and excellent software support.


Your perfect work environment

The portal allows you to manage large or small projects with a project structure that can take the form of a list or a Kanban system. For each project task, you can define the customer, status, due date, person responsible, contractor and priority. With the staff scheduling module, you can easily and accurately estimate when a particular person will be available for further work based on their estimated attendance time and workload. 

Time recording devices or terminals allow staff to record their time via an NFC protocol in the form of a card, keychain, or sticker. Employees record their arrivals, departures, official or private exits, as well as lunch breaks. All data is synchronised in the AllForTeam portal and in the ERP Business Central system. Through the portal, each employee can easily and quickly monitor their time and attendance records on a daily, monthly, or annual basis. 

All employee data is available through the portal. In the area of staff development, we track annual goals and proposals, and in the area of training, we can track what training a staff member has attended and what certifications they have already earned.  The portal offers modules such as "onboarding", "learning" and "idea management". 

Because of its modularity, the AllForTeam portal allows you to develop or customise solutions that are fully tailored to your company and the way you work. For example, customised modules include the support module, the travel request module and the contact list module. Direct connections, such as a connection to a specific remote desktop, database, development environment or VPN access, are also the result of custom development. All modules are created after an initial situation and needs analysis, and an inventory of the selected functionalities. 

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