Microsoft Power BI

Make better and faster decisions

Microsoft Power BI is a tool within the Microsoft environment that enables connectivity with any platform. It allows for processing and extraction of data from more than 60 different data sources and displaying them on a customized Power BI dashboard.


Listen to the data to achieve superior results

Have reports and analyses on sales, purchasing, receivables or production always at your fingertips. Measure sales performance against sales targets and opportunities, or get an overview of trends on an annual, monthly, or weekly basis. In purchasing you can keep an eye on material costs, the development of the cost of goods over time and inventory levels, and in production you can keep track of production processes by monitoring product quantities or employee productivity. 

The user interface also makes it very easy to export data to other Microsoft programmes such as Excel, giving users added flexibility to edit, process or view data in a new way. You can share certain reports, view multiple data sources on one screen, or access them via the mobile app.  

Trust a leading provider for data security and encryption so you can work without worries from anywhere. Use Azure services like Azure Private Link, Service Tags, and Azure Virtual Network to prevent data from being exposed on the public internet. 

Power BI lets you monitor live data, from sensors and gauges on the shop floor to social media analytics. Monitor live data and make timely decisions. 

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