Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Solve problems anywhere and anytime

Make sure that your customers and service recipients are always a top priority. The application ensures that you solve problems and provide services anywhere and anytime. The automation of work processes and advanced algorithms for scheduling work enable field workers to have better conditions and greater success in solving customer problems.


Save costs and increase customer satisfaction

Prevent a problem before it becomes a severe issue with IoT technology. Have a 360-degree view of the customer's assets, location and arrangements.

Solve problems faster and more efficiently with AI technology that automatically suggests the optimal allocation of the technician's work schedule based on the type and difficulty of the problem.

With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, you can communicate with an expert in the field via video call or virtual reality, solving the problem step by step without unnecessary complications.

Improve your customer experience with tools that enable technicians to be more productive and have information at their fingertips anytime, anywhere. Improve the customer experience with more intelligent use of analytical data obtained through AI technology.

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