Power Attendance

Protect yourself against unauthorised access

Power Attendance is a secure, scalable, and flexible access control solution. The open system of high-quality, high-performance access control is based on intuitive software and proven hardware. With access control, you can control all the doors in a building in one place.  


Take control of your facility

With Power Attendance, the access control system, you can control everything that happens in your building or business premises. The system gives you an overview of current events, network status, open and closed doors, fault messages, the number of exits and entrances, and other functions. The system logs all events for each user so that access to all areas can be controlled easily and transparently.  

With the access control system, you can control and manage user access rights in real time by specifying who can open certain doors and when. You can grant access rights to individual users for a longer period of time or only when needed. Because of the excellent hardware, there are many customisation options. Reliable operation is ensured by cloud services that you can access from anywhere and at any time. 

Whether a private household, small business or larger organisation, the solution is available to all users who want secure and monitored access to their home, office, warehouse, post office box, or employee locker. The system can be customised to lock and unlock automatically or via the control panel using software. You can also open doors or locks via a text message, phone call, or application.  

The advantage of the solution lies in its integration with the Business Central business information system, which means that it is integrated into the company's entire business and production process. Access is unified according to the role and rights in the company or a specific action, such as access to the warehouse is allowed when a work order is placed or leaving the building when a travel order is placed. We develop each solution, and thus it can be fully adapted to the specifics of each company. 

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