Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Discover comprehensive customer support

Communicate with customers quickly and efficiently through a virtual agent that enables rapid resolution of simpler issues while your agents focus on more complex ones. Manage communication across all channels simultaneously, providing immediate support to your customers.


Empower your team with a multichannel tool

A single dashboard makes it easy to communicate with customers through any channel. Be it SMS, chat, Facebook chat, WhatsApp, or phone call; all these are combined in one view that allows the agent to solve the problems that arise faster.

Built-in artificial intelligence helps you solve problems with suggested articles and similar already solved problems, allowing you to deal with problems faster.

Analyze contact center and individual agent performance to improve customer engagement. Understand the customer's interactions and lead the conversation to a positive solution to the problem.

Identify problems through real-time diagnostics and react in time. Solve issues remotely with the option of remote management.

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