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An online store is an excellent sales channel, but without a good sales strategy, it's like a sad brick-and-mortar store without customers. At Business Solutions, we help you develop and implement an effective sales strategy based on the specifics of your business, turning your online store into an unstoppable sales engine that generates revenue 24/7. We'll help you attract targeted customers, provide them with a flawless sales and after-sales experience, and convince them to keep coming back to your site with good and relevant content.


Reach your target customers

Navigation on a website is an integral part of the user experience, formed in the first step of designing a website or store. Users on your website should be able to get information or products without the hassle of searching for the right buttons or links. Website navigation should be straightforward for your website users.  

The content on your website should be unique and attractive to your target audience. Descriptions should capture the essence and highlight critical information. Product titles should be underlined and correct. Product or service descriptions should be detailed and offer added value to the customer. All content should also be optimized (SEO) for better positioning online. 

Email messages or "newsletter" is still very effective communication channel. You can sensibly categorize your customers, buyers, and followers into different lists and thus send other groups only the content they are interested in. In addition to recipient lists, it is also essential to design an effective sales funnel strategy (the funnel) that dictates which step your "lead" is in.  

The first step in advertising your product or service is integrating programs like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel into your website or store. With these essential tools, we provide web analytics, how long someone stays on your website, when they left the session and what they viewed and maybe even bought or filled out a contact sheet. By monitoring analytics, you can achieve better results in the long term, as you adapt content to the target audience and reach them more easily with targeted ads. 

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