Power Display

Display selected data in a transparent manner

Display key data from the ERP system on production screens. Visualize the data in production to gain insight into key metrics of the production process in real-time and establish an efficient flow of information among employees. Ensure that all employees are informed in real-time about the progress of work, from the quantity of products manufactured to the quantity of waste and machine downtime.


Display key information to your employees

With PowerDisplay, you can view production data in real time. You can display data such as the number of finished products, the number of orders or, for example, daily performance against a target. You can also view a variety of data such as product or semi-finished product descriptions, drawings, schedules, or work orders with the people responsible for a particular task.   

You have the ability to display informative data that can be configured through the ERP system – Business Central. Show notifications, internal HTML pages, alerts and other customised information that you want to display. All data and displays are defined in your ERP system and can be customised from there.  

You always have information on employee availability at hand. A screen in your office or workplace shows you the availability of each employee or team, depending on your settings, making planning work easier. 

The data or information you want to display is fully customisable and easy to configure through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It can be displayed on TV screens of any type and size, but also on tablets or computers via a browser. 

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