Netronic - Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

Automatic production planning

A powerful solution that enables optimal planning and simulation of machine schedules, alternative machines and cooperation partners, taking into account available stocks and production capacities. The solution is scalable and fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central business information system.  


Netronic - VAPS

Plan production by day, machine, alternative machine, and process using a Gantt chart. At the same time, you get a comprehensive visual overview of capacity utilisation, which makes it easier for you to identify bottlenecks and optimisation needs. With a drag & drop interface, you can easily and immediately see the consequences of the order entry and have an indication of when the order will be executed without overloading the resources. 

Simulate different machine utilisation scenarios, compare the simulations with each other and choose the one that suits you best. You can simulate the occupancy and operations as well as all work orders after a certain period. Each new simulation cancels the previous one and creates a new one that overwrites all work orders and operations according to the new input. 

The solution allows you to view information about available material based on a production order. The availability overview is presented using a colour scheme that clearly shows you all production orders that are expected to start before the earliest material availability date. The colour coding alerts you to which operations, work orders and sales deadlines are at risk due to material shortages, overloads or other problems. 

Sales reps get the exact delivery date of a new or urgent order, perfectly aligned with spare capacity on the shop floor. When you enter an unplanned order into the schedule, you get instant visibility of schedule and resource changes, giving you an accurate forecast of when the product can be produced.  

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