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Advanced and adaptable solution for public service

For public companies operating in the field of energy distribution, communal services, building management, construction, and similar areas, a reliable and advanced information system is crucial. Such a system provides support for administrative tasks, service billing, organizing and managing maintenance work on the field, as well as managing customer relationships.


The benefits of digitizing public services

An advanced system solution such as AllForUtility provides comprehensive support in the preparation of critical administrative and financial processes, such as the preparation of contracts, mass issuing of invoices, and processing of special invoices, thus facilitating and simplifying daily work.

Using a unified system means only one data entry is necessary, thus achieving higher productivity and reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

By using a single system, you achieve the coordination of all data and other analytical codebooks and gain a simplified insight into all data from different places.

With the help of the AllForUtility solution, you can also enable your clients to access billing data.

50% of business leaders say they plan to accelerate the automation of repetitive tasks in their organization.

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