B2B portals

Strengthen your B2B

To establish successful business operations, it is necessary to digitize all business activities, including relationships with business partners. With advanced B2B portals, you enable your business partners to communicate with you more easily and efficiently, and manage orders and payments. Meanwhile, you can see and manage key information about B2B sales activities in one place.


Take advantage of the potential of B2B

Plan and monitor the implementation of the supply chain directly in your ERP system - Dynamics 365 Business Central. Detect anomalies promptly and ensure customer delivery following the agreed price and expected quality. 

For fast, efficient, and high-quality sales, you need process automation. In your ERP system, you can define discounts and prices you have agreed with the customer. This way, you provide the customer with an easy and transparent way of using the portal or online store.  

Due to the built-in automation of the sales process and stock status, the possibility of errors and the time of ordering and processing orders is significantly reduced—process more orders in less time. 

Users who encounter slow and unresponsive websites leave and do not return. Correct development and optimization of the website enable its fast and successful operation. Portals and websites developed in the Umbraco system allow quick and efficient operation on all devices. 

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