Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Effective monitoring of your employees

Every company needs effective management of information about employees because this information is becoming more and more critical in the company's management, and employees represent an ever-increasing value of the company. Automation and intelligent use of software allow quick decision-making and adaptation to changing business processes and legal requirements. 


Simple, smart, innovative

Access to all information related to the employee is possible from one place. All details can be accessed with a single click. Row panes allow a quick review of complex information related to the employee's current status. 

The operation and appearance of the program are adjusted to the requirements and wishes of the users. With this, you get all the new and improved functionality at any time, regardless of the standard facilities of the rest of the business package. Maintenance and adaptation to legal requirements are fast and efficient, without notable additions and costs. 

There is no need to wait for all activities in payroll and personnel records to be completed before establishing a new systemization. In parallel, new jobs are created and equipped with all the necessary parameters (points, descriptions, accessories, competencies, required equipment...); workers are assigned to new jobs; new contracts or annexes are drawn up. Any systemization can be switched to the primary one at any time, determining which data will apply to salaries. 

Have more flexibility in reporting and document creation. You can attach any document to the worker's card (contracts, decisions, scanned papers...). All documents are stored within the database and are thus in one place and always available to everyone who has access to this part of the personnel record. Documents are archived together with other data and safe against unauthorized access, as they are not directly written to the hard disk. 

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