Digitize the entire procurement process

Standardized and structured procurement processes have a significant impact on business operations. With Business Central, you can efficiently plan and manage the entire procurement process, from planning, order processing, inventory checking, and performance evaluation to final analysis and reporting. With advanced business analytics solutions, you can visualize the entire procurement plan and establish efficient control at every step of the process.


Advantages of digitizing procurement

With advanced solutions in the field of business analytics, you can visualize the entire procurement plan and establish effective control at every step of the process. Establish a structured and standardized procurement process, reflected in improved and more stable operations and the rationalization of procurement costs.

Monitor current cash flow, optimize financial position with strategic payment flow planning, unify discount policy, set up automatic calculation and posting, accurately estimate inventory levels, and evaluate suppliers based on their past service. All this in one solution.

You can plan and monitor procurement directly in the ERP system with integrated processes. Inventory automation takes place in real time. Orders go smoothly and without complications.

The costs of purchasing materials and services represent as much as 57% of the company's total costs. A tool like business central helps to reduce procurement costs and optimize the entire process by unifying the procurement process and providing insight into the whole procurement chain.

Procurement departments implementing digitization can expect a 40% increase in annual savings.

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