BI - Business Intelligence

Visualize your critical business data

Activate the value of your business data. Turn data and opaque tables into compelling insights that enable employees and managers at all levels to get the right information to make decisions instantly. Bring together the entire business picture in one place to discover new opportunities and plan future business decisions. 


Advantages of BI

With the help of BI solutions, you will get a complete overview of the critical indicators of your business and detect trends faster, allowing you to make more informed and expedient business decisions.

With the help of data visualization, you will be able to detect potential problems more easily and quickly and thus react to them promptly.

With advanced BI solutions, you will gain valuable insight into financial statements and indicators of employee satisfaction, work orders, and production efficiency, allowing you to monitor better decisions in the company's overall management.

Today, business analytics is no longer a requirement but a necessity if you want to succeed in the international market. That's why it's essential to master advanced analytics tools that will give you a significant competitive advantage.

Implementation of BI solutions increases sales by 24% on average.

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What they say about us

With Microsoft Power BI, we obtained a simple, quick and comprehensive overview of the dynamics within various existing work processes. With Power BI, previously unprocessed business data has become valuable information for monitoring work and business decisions.

CVS Mobile d.d.
Valter Grilanc, CFO and Project Lead

The use of Power BI allows us to quickly and effectively review sales, deliveries, stock, etc. With the introduction, we have gained an overview of the entire business, at the same time it allows us to easily contact customers and suppliers.

Pronega d.o.o.
Tomaž Leban, Director