Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Create a customised marketing strategy

Take a step forward in marketing. Acquire more sales opportunities and nurture relationships with your customers more effectively. Build a comprehensive customer or potential buyer experience with a smartly designed purchasing journey and visually appealing email messages.



Powerful solutions make a difference

Create a buying journey with lead scoring data and behavioural patterns that help you craft winning messages at the right time and through the right channel. Take advantage of multi-channel marketing tools with solutions such as email, events, telemarketing, SMS integration, and LinkedIn connectivity. 

Connect your marketing and sales departments with Microsoft 365 tools and get a cross-team view of marketing campaigns, shared calendars, and other tools. Identify prospective buyers faster and better with multi-channel scoring models. Provide sales with more comprehensive information and reduce the cost of acquiring a new prospective buyer. 

Check the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaigns, run A/B tests on your content or improve the open rate of your emails with integrated tools. 

Control your data via a dashboard that can be adapted to the way you work and customise your workflows with Dynamics 365 integration solutions. 

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