ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Digitalize your crucial business processes

With an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), you can completely digitalize key business processes and gain comprehensive control over business operations, and with a wide range of extensions, you can fully adapt the system to the specifics of your business. Improve your business, increase your competitive advantage, have happier employees and customers, and identify opportunities in your environment faster than your competition.


What are the benefits of ERP solutions?

With a wide range of extensions, the ERP solution can is fully adaptable to the specifics of your operation so that you have all the critical segments of your activity and insight into the key data of your business.

With an ERP system, you can digitize all departments in the company and optimize business processes, from financial management, procurement, personnel management, sales, procurement, storage, and production.

With the help of advanced ERP solutions and numerous extensions, in addition to improving the efficiency of employees, you will also be able to involve customers and suppliers smartly and thus increase the satisfaction of key stakeholders.

With the help of an automated system, you can simplify business processes and the time you previously spent on simple processes such as invoicing. This way, you can devote time to more critical tasks.

After implementing ERP solutions, as many as 49% of companies manage to improve all business processes.

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What they say about us

With the new solution, we can adapt information support relatively quickly when there is a change in the business process. Also, with an information solution, it is easier to influence changes in business processes, which provides us with better control and more flexibility.

Elektro Gorenjska d.d.
Mag. Dominik Ovniček, Head of IT Department

With the help of the company Business Solutions, we created an online store and thus acquired an effective tool for sales opportunities in the company. The integration with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business information system works flawlessly.

IC Elektronika d.o.o.
Barbara Moškon, Assistant Director