Improved business insight for the Slovenian transmission system operator

Elektro Gorenjska, d. d., is an electricity distribution company. It provides electricity to more than 87,000 customers spread over 2,000 km2 in the northwestern part of Slovenia. The company constantly strives to improve its services while reducing costs and increasing business efficiency. With this goal in mind, in 2014, they started a project to replace the existing business information system. In cooperation with the company Business Solutions, they introduced the information solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, which, with certain adjustments for the specifics of their industry, today provides comprehensive and centralized business support. By introducing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, the company reduced the costs of maintaining the information system and improved its responsiveness and adaptability, as it can now provide information support for any changes in business processes.


A desire to make progress

In 2014, Elektro Gorenjska achieved EUR 89.9 million in revenue and EUR 5.5 million in net profit. The company's goal is to become the best energy seller in Slovenia, which puts the customer at the center of business and, at the same time, optimizes its operations for efficient service provision. In its operations, the company constantly strives to reduce costs and ensure more efficient operations. With this goal, in 2014, they launched a project to replace the existing information system, which meant high maintenance costs due to its obsolescence and distribution. "We also wanted to ensure the centralization of information in the company and introduce an information solution that would be adapted to business processes," explained Dominik Ovniček, Head of the IT Department.

These primary goals guided us in deciding on a new solution, which we chose with the help of a public tender." Elektro Gorenjska is obliged to select solutions through a public tender, through which they chose the company Business Solutions d.o.o. based on the submitted offers. With the globally established business and information solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Adaptation of the system to the type of business

Elektro Gorenjska assessed that Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides adequate compliance with Slovenian accounting standards (the provider has been providing Slovenian and more comprehensive localization for more than 15 years) and the specific requirements of the electricity distribution company. The possibility also convinced them of quick implementation of the solution. In cooperation with the company Business Solutions, which also localized the answer, they introduced the Dynamics NAC 2013R2 version for 70 simultaneous users. The key is installed on Elektro Gorenjska's server infrastructure. The database for the business information system is Microsoft SQL Server. The solution implementation project started in June 2014, and the solution was already delivered to the production environment on 1 January 2015. The final solution combines default software solutions and specific Business Solutions that reflect the needs of the electricity distribution company.

"We had to prepare several adjustments for the company's specific requirements," explained Aljoša Gruden, Business Solutions. "We have developed dedicated modules for technical data and construction activity. We also established the management of balance sheets by organizational units and supported specifics in managing fixed assets."

With the new solution, we can adapt information support relatively quickly when there is a change in the business process. Also, with an information solution, it is easier to influence changes in business processes, which provides us with better control and more flexibility.

Mag. Dominik Ovniček, Head of IT Department


Higher business efficiency

Elektro Gorenjska thus benefits from many advantages: lower costs and higher operational efficiency. "With slightly higher costs needed to ensure support for all specific requirements, we expect that the investment in the business information system will be recouped within two years," explained Ovniček. By replacing the information system with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, the company provided the same information support for all business processes, and at the same time, specific procedures are now more straightforward. A significant advantage is integrating the document system, which means higher productivity and improved responsiveness for the company. In the new information system, making more integrations with back-end systems was also necessary.

Thus, we successfully integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a Document Management System, an energy billing system, a system for the customer's life cycle, and a GIS system for displaying electricity grid data. Microsoft Dynamics NAV proved to be a well-connected application with 'web services' and C# technology. Microsoft Dynamics NAV thus enabled the centralization of the business solution for the entire company and enabled better business flexibility. "With the new solution, we can adapt information support relatively quickly when there is a change in the business process," explained Ovniček. "Also, the information solution makes it easier to influence changes in business processes, which provides us with better control and more flexibility."


What we gained from the unified system

In the future, Elektro Gorenjska plans to integrate the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution with external systems and improve the company's automation and optimization of business processes. They are also planning the development of additional modules to cover the functionality currently being handled by internally developed applications.