Komunala Nova Gorica

All activities covered with one comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution for better business

Public economic enterprises, such as Komunala Nova Gorica d.d., must follow the development of digitization due to extensive reporting requirements, both statutory and owner, due to various activities, and therefore introduce digitization, as they want to spend as little time and money as possible on tasks with low added value. At the same time, with their activity, to put the as little burden on the environment as possible, empower logistics routes and raise the level of the services they provide.


Tracking progress and development in digitization

Most utility companies solve business information solutions using the "gardening" method. Each activity uses its software package, which leads to a more significant number of business information solutions managed by different people, and at the same time, these systems must be connected. And here comes the problem. This arises not only in the technical part but also in the content and the associated human factor. Employees have to get used to working with different software packages. Multiple data entries, data transfers, and various information environments disconnection.

However, when we talk about the necessary modifications to the software, each modification can go in its direction without Company description Public economic companies, such as Komunala Nova Gorica d.d., must follow the development of digitization due to extensive reporting requirements, both legal and owner, due to various activities and that is why they are introducing digitization, because they want to spend as little time and money as possible on tasks with low added value, and at the same time minimize the burden on the environment with their activity, empower logistics routes and, in this way, raise the level of the services they provide. The company's main activities are collecting and transporting municipal waste, treatment and disposal of garbage, funeral services and arrangement and maintenance of cemeteries, maintenance of green and public areas, construction, workshops, moving activities, and floristry. This is practically impossible to implement any connection due to the complexity of the connection due to the upgrade of an individual or the entire system.

The reasons for utility companies to have reached this stage, when they have to have one unified information system, are the requirements of legislation, accounting standards, and external reporting to many stakeholders (owners, regulators, or inspections). Activities of Komunala Nova Gorica d.d. include municipal waste management, cleaning of public areas, arrangement of local roads, shared paths and surfaces, cemetery activities with funeral services, carpentry, floristry, and construction activities.


Adaptation of the system to the type of business

Over a decade of cooperation, we gradually digitized the business. First, we covered all essential business functions and progressed with the computerization of specific activities or services. This is how we achieved this:

  • Computerization of all business processes in all activities
  • Centralization of data (unified system instead of several previous ones)
  • Integrity and security (data security with archiving)
  • Simplification of processes through rationalization
  • Avoiding repetitive entries
  • Electronic record keeping (monitoring of logistics routes and planning)
  • Automatic calculation of results
  • Data circulation without discrepancies (from origin to general ledger)
  • Acceleration of data flow (Verifying documents and transparency with specific rule parameters, mechanical measures, and clarity...)
  • Transparency in the implementation of operational work (optimization over the coordination of workers and work machines, etc. avoiding bottlenecks)

Marjan Srebrnič, the Senior Consultant for Information Systems, who takes care of the client at Business Solutions, explains: "Through the construction and upgrading of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (sometimes known as Navision, but this year renamed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), we have with our solution AllForUtility, which is primarily intended for the energy distribution industry, but also has a version to support the management of processes in the utility sector, achieved full information support, and at the same time, the solution enabled us to further expand, such as monitoring the implementation of public procurement, electronic reporting to ARSO and many others that we are still planning to introduce.

Problems forced us to change. It turned out that there were several options available on the market, several software solutions, but most of them did not offer one software package. The one that covered all of our activities with one software package was the offer of Business Solutions because with the globally established business information solution Navision, we can cover all of our activities with one key.

Boštjan Rolto, Head of Analytics


A wide range of services

The company Komunala Nova Gorica d.d. operates in the area of ​​six municipalities created from the former Nova Gorica Municipality. The company's activities aim to improve the appearance of the city and its surroundings and improve the well-being of citizens. The latter dramatically contributes to the municipality's reputation connected with the concept of a clean and orderly city. Even in the company's mission, the same efforts can be discerned, and they can empower this by using the solution we have implemented. Employees say, "Our basic task is to enable people to live a healthy, clean, and quality life. We realize it with a rich range of our services in the field of waste management, maintenance, and arrangement of public areas and facilities, as well as other activities and the All For Utility product, which serves as an extension of Microsoft Dynamics Navision, we can achieve this and not bother with business information systems."