IC Elektronika

How we improved employee productivity by automating the online store via the ERP system

A case study of how we helped the company IC Elektronika to improve the efficiency of work processes by renovating the online store, which has built-in direct synchronization with the ERP product Microsoft Dynamics Navision, newly named Business Central.


A desire to make progress

IC Elektronika is a highly valued and respected company that has been on the market for 31 years and is the largest independent distributor of electronic components in Slovenia. The company was founded in 1989 with headquarters in Ljubljana and later with branches in Croatia and Serbia. They are distinguished by an excellent knowledge of their end customers and good relations with partners and suppliers. Their first concern is their customers, which is why they always strive to improve their satisfaction, and commitment and create as good a user experience as possible online and offline.

IC Elektronika's online store contains many products, which are sensibly placed in categories and visually equipped with photos of the product in question. The user experience itself on the website allows users transparency and clarity of information, which is crucial for a customer who wants to make an online purchase or compare products with each other.


What the buyer does not notice is the automation that works in the background of the online store

Buying online is always a personal experience for the buyer, which the buyer sees through his own eyes. On the website, the user or prospective buyer evaluates whether the website offers him enough information about the product, whether he can also view the product visually, and whether the online store is trustworthy. The buyer is not interested in the process in the background of a B2C or B2B online store when, for example, a new order is initiated. These processes are the "sweet worries" of the owner of the online store, as he must provide as good a user experience as possible so that the customer feels like a king and does not experience any problems with his completed order.

In the specific case of IC Elektronika, we will talk about the B2C portal since the company primarily focuses on retail online.

We have been working with Business Solutions for ten years, and we cannot hide our enthusiasm for their professionalism and support in numerous upgrades and implementations of system solutions. The logical consequence of previous successful cooperation was the decision to create an online store that is fully synchronized with the ERP system. Due to the great variety of our products, the challenge was quite big, but the team of Business Solutions experts completed it with distinction. If we had to decide again, we would choose Business Solutions as a partner. Their advice and implementation are indispensable for us.

Barbara Moškon, Assistant Director


Online store automation improves your internal employee productivity

The most critical functionalities we gain by using the ERP system are those we spend the most time on in the administrative sense. The areas that we relieved with the solution of connecting the online store with the Microsoft ERP system in this particular case are:

  • Sales - The seller no longer deals with many manual entries, entering data into various programs, or physically inspecting the stock when ordering a product in an online store. Now the process is fully automated and unified in one program. From the product order to the actual issue and order form to the delivery service.
  • Marketing - The marketing department has all data on sales and statistics at their fingertips in a single program that enables transparent information and data on the online store's activities. Product management is managed from the ERP system, which is synchronized with the online store.
  • Procurement - Through the comprehensive system, the procurement officer has accurate information on how many products or materials are still in stock and can easily plan the procurement of new components or products without bottlenecks. The program's comprehensiveness makes planning annual plans more accessible and more efficient.
  • Storage - The storer performs his work efficiently and accurately with the help of the ERP system for warehouses and thus has an overview of the stock, issue, tracking, and posting of material.

For developing the IC Elektronika online store, we used the software tool Magento, which offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the user and the industry in which it operates. The Magento platform is fully adaptable to business processes in the company and compatible with Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Navision or the updated version of Business Central.

What an example of an automated website looks like in connection with an ERP system:

A new online purchase triggers the automatic creation of an order fully synchronized with the ERP system.

The ERP system automatically creates a sales order based on the received customer order.

A delivery note is automatically created, and a system message is sent to the storage department to prepare the product for shipment.

The shipment is weighed using an electronic technique that automatically transcribes the weight into the system. An order for the delivery service is automatically created and forwarded.

Depending on the customer's order quantity, the product stock is automatically reduced in the ERP system and the online store.

Integration of Tinx-IT Magento Product Information Management (PIM) within the Business Central or Navision program enables the management of data, images, information, labels, and prices on all products in the online store. All in one place.

Thus, the online store manager can edit the product description, add a picture or correct the price via the valid price lists right through the ERP system.


What we have gained with automation and a unified system

We relieved the administrative work in sales and marketing; thus, employees could focus their energy on more critical tasks. We have accelerated the review of data in the online store and reduced the number of errors due to manual data entry into various systems. We have enabled higher work efficiency in the product shipment itself. We reduced the number of complaints and shortened the time of purchase through the online store. Our fundamental goal, to automate the online store and thereby improve the effectiveness of the work process in the company, has succeeded. The company has more time for tasks that bring real added value to the company and thus the satisfaction of customers and suppliers.