Instrumentation Technologies

Instrumentation Technologies achieves significantly higher productivity using Microsoft Teams

Instrumentation Technologies is a Slovenian high technology company with more than 20 years of experience, which today is among the leading companies in the field of measuring instruments for accelerating beam diagnostics. For many years, the engineers have provided integrated hardware and software solutions in the existing, technologically most demanding, and emerging markets. Their most notable achievements are high-tech products such as Libera and Red Pitaya.


Growth has created new needs

From the company's establishment in 1998 until the start of accelerated growth in 2003, it took care of information solutions in business, employee management, and finance. With growth and development, their needs for efficient information infrastructure have increased and exceeded their capabilities. They decided to focus on developing their core business within the company and finding experienced and reliable external contractors for all remaining processes. They were looking for modern and flexible solutions that can be adapted to the specifics of the field in which they operate and easily connect business processes, communication, and document management system.


From internal IT to improving communication and comprehensive project management

As administrators of the entire IT system, the purchase, maintenance, and updating of computer hardware and software, we also ensured the transfer of the whole information infrastructure to support business in the cloud to the company Instrumentation Technologies. In addition to implementing system services, in the continuation of cooperation, we introduced the business information system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the customer relationship management system Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. This custom designed a comprehensive customer management process specific to the company's industry.

One of the critical solutions we have implemented that has significantly contributed to better internal collaboration and communication is Microsoft Teams and the SharePoint document management system tool. Both tools are complementary and enable completely secure and cloud-based operation wherever employees are.

We needed an effective tool for fast internal communication - instant messaging and chatting. Skype is too cumbersome for such things, and the call is too aggressive. We wanted to make chat more widely used as a gateway between email, calls, and tasks.

Elvis Janežič, Director


We unified internal communication

With the introduction of the Microsoft Teams service, we unified internal communication, which previously took place through various tools such as Skype, email, WhatsApp, and others, and updated the document management system, which works as an integrated solution within one program called Teams.

They also use the Teams tool to collaborate with some clients. They can track communications and edit customer data in one place using the Dynamics 365 CRM application within Teams, which is synchronized with the existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system.

At Instrumentation Technologies' internal department called Solutions for Industries, which deals with the project-based development of instruments in specific industries, Microsoft Teams with the Planner application has provided a better overview of a stack of projects with many development phases and processes. With a much clearer overview and tracking of tasks and assignments through a card or list system, the department members gained a clearer and faster insight into the project's status.


Comprehensive solutions are an investment for the future

Each field, organization, or industry has its specifics and ways of working, which may differ from others. The comprehensiveness and adaptability of the solution are crucial in the company's future growth because with a good foundation of the information system and solutions, we enable a more effortless and faster upgrade, and thus the information system grows together with the organization and not the other way around. Instrumentation Technologies is well aware of the importance of an organized and well-versed information system and, therefore, regularly follows innovations and improvements in the software field, enabling them to do carefree and comprehensive business.